Week 02

The mind is everything. What you think, you become.
Food Goals

Let's set up a time to discuss how your eating has been over the last two weeks, what you're struggling with, and let's come up with some simple solutions!

Week 2 Videos


Yoga block


Pelvic tilt warm ups

Bent knee wipers w/yoga block (10 reps)

Downward dog Crunch (20 reps)

Pilates saw (20 reps)

Elbow/Knee crunch (10 reps)

Side lying leg raises/tucks/kicks (30 reps/side)

Try for two rounds!



2 or 3 pound weights

30 seconds for each exercise, going right from one to the next. Try for three to four rounds!

Bicep curl to tricep kickback

Shoulder press to side raise

Cross body chop

Step back with 1 arm shoulder press

Squat with hammer curl