Week 01

You Never Know Your Limits Until You Push Through Them!
Food Goals

Keep a journal of the foods you eat the most, and how they make you feel (energetic, bloated, etc.) Also note what you drink. From there we can work on creating an eating plan.

Week 1 Videos

Mat and yoga block


Pelvic tilt warm ups

Dead bug (10 reps)

Bridges (10 reps)
Bridge pulses (20 reps)
Bridges (10 reps)

1 Leg bridges w/yoga block (10 reps/side)
Bridges w/yoga block (10 reps)

Crunches w/yoga block (10 reps w/10 pulses at the end)

Bent knee wipers w/yoga block (10 reps)

Try for three rounds!





Pelvic tilt warm ups

Plank jacks (from elbows and knees) 10 reps

Single leg stretch (20 reps)

Roll up (10 reps)

Spidey planks (10 reps)

Bicycle abs (20 reps)

Try for two rounds. But listen to your body and make sure you're engaging your core (slightly pulling in your bellybutton) so as to make sure you're not using your back. Let me know how it goes!