Arm Workout for the Summer

Summa, summa, summmmmmatime! Oh, thank you, heavenly peeps, for finally gracing us with the warmth of the summer sun and all its fabulousness! It's been a long winter indeed and I don't know about you, but I'm ready to peel off the winter layers and expose all my pastiness to the sun Gods... burn me if you must, just make the pastiness go away!

Now if summer crept up on some of you and you're finding that you may have wallowed a little too hard in hibernation mode and now you're stuck with a few extra inches of flab where you don't want it, I've got an exercise routine for you to give a go so you can begin shedding and shredding!

I have three moves for you to do a nice tidy workout that will get you burning your muscles and building strength. In no time you'll be ready to shed the winter layers and begin to feel good about slipping on those adorable sundresses that are itching to make their way out from under your bed storage containers!

Here's the routine:

Shoulder Tap Planks: 20 Reps
Crab Crawl: 6 times, side to side (Yes, these suck, but that's why they're so good to do!)
Over the Shoulder Twist: 20 Reps (I used water bottles as lightweights!)

Watch the video to see the moves, and then find a little space, carve out 20 minutes and get ready for the summer!

Try for three rounds and work your way up to five!