Arm Workout for the Summer

Summa, summa, summmmmmatime! Oh, thank you, heavenly peeps, for finally gracing us with the warmth of the summer sun and all its fabulousness! It's been a long winter indeed and I don't know about you, but I'm ready to peel off the winter layers and expose all my pastiness to the sun Gods... burn me if you must, just make the pastiness go away!

Now if summer crept up on some of you and you're finding that you may have wallowed a little too hard in hibernation mode and now you're stuck with a few extra inches of flab where you don't want it, I've got an exercise routine for you to give a go so you can begin shedding and shredding!

I have three moves for you to do a nice tidy workout that will get you burning your muscles and building strength. In no time you'll be ready to shed the winter layers and begin to feel good about slipping on those adorable sundresses that are itching to make their way out from under your bed storage containers!

Here's the routine:

Shoulder Tap Planks: 20 Reps
Crab Crawl: 6 times, side to side (Yes, these suck, but that's why they're so good to do!)
Over the Shoulder Twist: 20 Reps (I used water bottles as lightweights!)

Watch the video to see the moves, and then find a little space, carve out 20 minutes and get ready for the summer!

Try for three rounds and work your way up to five! 

A Back Workout That Will Strengthen Your Core!

All too often we leave our back, well on the back burner. We're more concerned with our abs, our arms, and our butts to name a few. What we're not realizing is that without a healthy and strong back, we're nothing but slouching, curled up versions of ourselves. Varying degrees of Quasimoto.

You know this pain!

How debilitating is it when you pull a muscle in your back or have a chronic ache in your lower back? You're squirming in your seat, struggling to find some modicum of comfort that comes only in short waves.

Strong backs assist in everything, even helping to build up ab strength. Yeeees, that's right.

Abs are built along with strong backs. They're partners in crime. Next time you find yourself with 15 minutes of nothing to do (basically when you can pull yourself away from FB, IG or the Twit), do this quick exercise routine and begin strengthening your back. Start with no weights and then work up to adding a little weight to really start noticing improvements. 

Try doing each move for 30 seconds, one right after the other. Once you do all three, rest for 1 minute, and then repeat again for 3-5 rounds!

You got this girl! And let me know how it works out for you, there's not much more I love to hear about than women getting stronger, little by little, day by day, making the effort!

An Ab Workout For When You Fall Off The Rails!

It's totally ok, it happens to us all.

We're going along, kicking ass in the gym or on our Pelaton, or with our Beachbody, and then one day we have a bad one, the excuse to not work out all too handy, so we scoop one up and run with it. The next day, there is another missed work out, the excuse even easier to find this time. And then another day. And then the floodgates open (it really doesn't take much). 

And then there we are knee deep in a swell of negative emotions, noshing on Little Debbie's that somehow made their way into the kitchen pantry. You're a mess. And you can't seem to turn the tide. 

Enter your White Knight (in the form of me!)

I always have a little something up my sleeve for just the inspiring moment and here it is: a quick, (super quick mind you) workout that you can use for when you need a little kickstart, a little sore ab feel, or just something to help you get back into the right mindset quickly and easily.

You can sneak it in while the baby naps, or before that two-hour nursery school window closes in on you! This simple workout can work wonders. It can get you back into the mindset because you got this girl, no need to let a little derailment turn into a post-apocalyptic crisis, you can bounce back! Plus it promises to uplift your mood, provide a little lifting of the fog that may have settled, and make your abs feel like they're working!

Win-winning all around!

So give this a go if you're in need of a little extra motivation, and let me know how it works out for you. I love nothing more than to hear about happy ab workouts! Leave a comment below if you give it a go, my tribe can only grow with a little sharing and caring from you all. (And I love talking about all things food and fitness!)

Here are the moves, try for 10-15 reps and 3 - 4 rounds! You got this!

The "Arm Fat Be Gone" Workout!

Many of us struggle with arm envy.

You may or may not be aware of it but there are two kinds of people out there. The ones who have it and flaunt it all summer long to the disdain of the other tribe of women who don't have it, who hide their arms from humanity, walking around in sleeves for all eternity. 

I'm here to tell you, arm enviers, that it doesn't have to be that way. (Yay!)

But there is work involved. (Did I just lose you?) Come back. It's not that bad. Keep in mind, those who walk around with the super fab arms hardly ever have it happen naturally. I'm pretty sure there aren't as many ladies getting "arm lifts" (arm tucks? arm lipo?) as there are getting boob lifts. (Sign me up on that one!) The arm goddesses are literally rolling up their sleeves and getting down to some serious arm workouts that even you can start doing, right now!

Of course I have a video for you! (I'm all about making it as easy as possible.) 

If you're new to working out, start easy and do 10 reps of each exercise, going three times through. (Total of 30 reps when you're done! That's awesome!)

For more advanced, do your thing, or try doing 5 rounds of 20 reps.

The goal is to do this workout a few times a week for a month, and then check yourself and see if maybe there is a little definition starting to make its way through. 

Below the video is a little description about each move. Enjoy and let me know if you do the workout, I'd love to hear about your progress!

1st move:
Tricep Kickback to Overhead Press

I added the step back to knee raise just because I like to include every body part if I can. No worries if it's too confusing, keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.

2nd move:
Balancing L Raise

Again, if your balance isn't where you want it, keep both legs firmly planted on the ground. This move you want to make an L shape with your hands, and no need to lift your arms all the way up. Bringing them up to shoulder height is just fine.

3rd move:
Tricep Dips

This one may not look like much but let me tell you, it focuses totally on your triceps and they will be a'burnin! 

As always, start wherever you are, and try to improve a little each time!

How to Add Strength Training to Your Exercise Routine

Don't you just hate this - you're going about your business, so proud of yourself for finally making fitness a part of your weekly regiment by hitting the gym three times a week and moving it on that treadmill for 30 minutes each time (or elliptical, or bike). You're seeing some moderate results and you're thinking this is it, it's finally going to happen, I'm going to hit my goal weight. And then BAM! Someone like me comes along and says, "Well I hope that's not all you're doing to get the results you want." 

Don't you hate that?

Well please don't throw in the gym towel. And please don't hate me! I'm just trying to point out a common thought process among women, which is, "Why do I need to do more when I'm burning about 300-350 calories per cardio session? Isn't that enough to lose weight if I'm watching my calories? After all, it's all about calories in, calories out, right?" 

Weeellllllll, not exactly. 

Please don't think I'm knocking anyone, I commend you for working in the cardio sessions, I think that's great. But what is going to help you get results faster is to add strength (or resistance) training to your weekly regiment. Lifting weights will make such a difference to your body.

(Pssst... and don't worry, lifting weights will not cause you to "bulk up". It just won't happen. Trust me. Women are not built that way, there isn't enough testosterone in our bodies to allow for that.)

There are so many benefits that resistance training truly is a must.

What are they you ask? Well here, I happen to just have a few written out below:

  • Strength training will increase your metabolic activity. That means that even after your workout, your body will still be burning calories. Strength training builds lean muscle mass, and the more you have, the more calories you are going to burn afterward, and for longer periods of time.
  • Increased bone density. If you have a family history of osteoporosis, strength training helps to fight against that.
  • Improved balance. Very important as we age to build up our strength in our core and legs to avoid slips and falls.
  • Lowers your risk of coronary disease. 
  • Helps to prevent future injury because you're strengthening your whole body.
  • Reduces body fat (and who doesn't want that?)

These are just a few of the benefits of strength training, there are so many more!

Clearly, it would behoove you to add even two sessions a week and devote them to strength training. Start small with 2-pound weights and slowly work your way up. You will get so much more out of your time spent exercising and you will feel stronger and more empowered. It's definitely worth it!

If you're at a loss as to what to do... boy oh boy do I have some videos for you! Check out my standing ab workout below. (And no worries if you don't have a gym membership, neither do I! All my workouts can be done outside the gym, which I think is the best place to workout.)

Try these three moves with a weight that will provide a little bit of a challenge. I used 8 pound wieghts and could really feel my abs getting engaged! Try for 10 reps each move for 3 rounds. Keep at it until you can do 20 reps for 5 rounds!