One Simple Word Swap That Can Change Your World!

Are you ready for this? This is powerful stuff I'm about to lay down on you so make sure you got the kids occupied elsewhere and they're not running to you creating all sorts of distractions with snotty noses, art projects, and endless food demands! This is serious stuff and it's going to change how you talk to yourself, and how good you are at owning your own sh*t! 

I want you, going forward, to be as real as you can with yourself. When time comes to get something done, to make a change and to follow through, I want you to listen very closely to how you speak. When you totally decide to give it your all—and you know those moments, you're inspired, you're pumped, you're totally enthusiastic and can conquer the world—I want you to pay attention to what you say, not right away, but about a week, maybe two weeks later. Yeeeeessss, one to two weeks later. Notice what's happening. Maybe your enthusiasm is waning a bit. You're no longer as pumped and psyched as you were a couple weeks ago. A little word starts creeping in and taking over. All of a sudden you "I can't" anymore. You're beginning to "I can't" everything for one reason or another. You feel me?

There is a quick and simple way out of this little slump though that can turn it all around and get you back to your excited and committed self. It's a simple word swap that goes like this: Instead of saying "I can't", start saying "I won't".


Mind slightly blown at the power of that? If not, let me give you an example... instead of saying, I can't work out today, I simply can't make the time, say, I won't work out today, I simply won't make the time.

That one word change puts the onus exactly where it needs to be, right on YOU! Now I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just trying to get real and allow you to own your sh*t and realize maybe the true reason why things aren't happening the way you wanted or expected is because of the words you're using. 

I try to eat healthy but I just can't resist all those goodies on the buffet table. 

Now say: 

I try to eat healthy but I just won't resist all those goodies on the buffet table. 

Pretty powerful stuff if you ask me. I've done this with a few things in my life and it really helps change my perspective and my approach! Now I know what you're thinking... you're thinking Really? This is going to change my world? 

All I can say is, Fkn A it is! Try it for yourself and see. 

Now I have to admit, this idea didn't come from me, I scooped up this little nugget of wisdom from someone you may all know, Marie Forleo. She is one smart chickedy and I respect her and her philosophy so much that I highly recommend you all going to check out her TV show, Marie TV. She is one savvy girl!

So tell me, will you try this out? Will you find out if it's helpful to you? If so, please let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you!