3 Strategies to Finally Sit Down and Get Mindful

 You can even use this mantra! It's that simple.

You can even use this mantra! It's that simple.

There are some serious heavy hitters out there who do this every. single. day. Massively successful people who can find the time and still be massively successful. If you're ever going to let your FOMO work for you instead of distract you from what you need to get done, then let this be the time it works with you. Aren't you curious about what you are missing out on? How do these people do it, and still do it all? Maybe it's high time you stop telling yourself you "should" do this and start saying, "I do this". Sit your little tush down and get to it my dear.. because you can!

Listen, it doesn't have to be this massive undertaking. It can take up to as little as 10 minutes. That's it. And the benefits are ten-fold that! For reals my dear, for reals. Stop it with your excuses, they're getting old, and no one wants to hear you lament anymore about how busy you are. Quit it. We're over it. We're all busy... but we can choose to slow it down. We must slow it down. If not for ourselves then for our kids. Just think of the positive influence you'll have on your children when you do this. Their worlds are sooooooo much different than ours were way back when. It would benefit them tremendously to learn how to sit down and quiet the mind. If they can learn coping strategies from you, just think of how better off they will be in 20 years when technology is so advanced we'll be walking around with computer chips inserted into our brains, and no one ages! 

There is something tremendously useful to getting your kids in on the action, or just letting them see you do it. I get my 5 year old to sit with me a few times a month. We "sit" for two minutes (I sit, he flips and flops, looks this way and that - but he's quiet! And he's learning... because once in a blue moon he sits, palms placed on his knees with his eyes closed... for about 10 seconds. That's a BIG WIN where I come from!)

Ok, so anyway, strategies. We need to know how to implement the action to really make a difference, so I'm giving you three strategies you can use today to get you sitting down and letting it all go. (Doesn't it just sound awesome?!) 

Step 1: Create your space. This is a fun one! I love having a little space, and a little ritual, when I go to sit down. And trust me, I don't have a lot of space. I'm crunched between my bed and my closet and I sit on my bed pillow. But to make it feel a little bit more special, I light a candle that I keep by my bedside. It makes me feel like this is something more than plopping down on the floor and closing my eyes. You can decorate your space with anything that makes you happy. Maybe you have a favorite little knick knack that you got on a fabulous trip somewhere that's just collecting dust up on a shelf. Pull it down and place it in front of you. Incense is also a fun thing and can really make you feel zen. I also play calming meditation music which helps me focus, and if I can't focus, then I just sit and listen to it. It's nice. Any way you decorate your space it will be perfect and suited to you so have fun with it and make it feel special!

Step 2: Know your mantra. I ain't gonna lie, thoughts are going to be zipping through your brain like wildfire! You're not going to be able to shut your brain down and you'll somehow meander your way to that time your aunt wore that sundress that made her arms flap in the breeze and you swore that would never be you but how that day you remember the ribs on the grill tasting so amazing, you really need to get that recipe. Ribs for dinner sounds really excellent. Oh shit, I need to turn my brain off. And here is where your mantra comes into play. Go back to it. Repeat it in your mind, and breathe. In and out. In and out. And don't stress over your mantra either. Keep it simple. Say "I'm grateful for all that I have" and repeat that. 

Step 3: Remind yourself it's a practice. You're not going to be perfect at it from the get go and you may not even feel the utmost benefit from it right away. You may walk away from the experience feeling a little underwhelmed. That's ok, you're not a Ghandi just yet. If you need a solid reason why you just "wasted" 10 minutes of your life then realize there are things going on "under the hood" that you're not totally aware of. Like calming down your sympathetic nervous system (which triggers anxiety, depression, tension and fatigue), and gears up your parasympathetic nervous system that helps regulate your breathing, slows down heart rate, and decrease your blood pressure. You're also flooding your cells with life giving oxygen. There is always more going on beneath the surface than we realize so even though you may not have swept away your worries or anxieties, relish in the fact that your body is appreciative and relaxed. That's worth more than the running around and list making you could have done with those 10 minutes. 

Use these strategies to quell any thoughts you may have that say sitting down for 10 minutes is a waste of time. It will provide benefits, you just need to be accepting and patient and they will come. If you build it... ;)

If you're still having trouble deciding to sit down and give this a go, then print out my freebie inspirational pin up on 10 Ways to Detach, and keep it in close view as your checklist for stress reduction. Even if you're sitting in your car in the pick-up line you can practice stillness and breathing. Print this out and keep it in your bag as a reminder to slow down and be mindful. A little reminder here and there can go a long way. 

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Namaste my friend!