Get In Your Head

Like really, really get in there. I'm talking like putting on your big girl pants and not being afraid to get a little messy; because fears, irrational thoughts, anxiety... they are the epitome of messy. 

Why do this? I say why not! It's a new year and cleaning out closets are ALWAYS a good idea! And your brain, that's no different. It actually holds much more than a closet ever could, almost bursting at the seams with so much information, and chatter. Endless chatter. I must think the same thoughts over and over and over so many times in a day it should literally drive me over the edge. And some days it does. 

Think about this... what do you focus on each day? Is it your finances, or your lackluster office job? Is it all about food for you and what you're going to eat to help get you out of a bad mood? A bad relationship? That thing hanging over your head that you haven't gotten to yet? Are you always running around like a chicken without a head, zipping around from one place to the next, never having a moment to yourself? Are you annoyed at others for the current state of affairs in your life? 
Take stock.

That's all you have to do when starting out on a massive cleaning project. Take a look at what you're working with, and see how it's affecting/creating your life experiences. I've begun to do this because I'm a big, old, fat worry-wort and prone to anxiety, so I decided to try and figure out why. Ah the age old question of WHY?! To be honest I haven't an answer yet... but, on the flip side, I'm learning a lot about myself. Like, I need to stop feeling like I'm not good enough (because no one has ever said to me, Hey Anne Marie, you really stink at being good enough!) So why am I saying it to myself?! Beware though, it's a bit of a mindf*ck when your start asking yourself questions of why you do certain things. You sometimes find there are no valid reasons. (And you've been wasting your time. And energy. For nothing. Dumb.)

So this is why I'm asking you to start asking "why?". Why are you thinking about a certain thing, and how is that directly affecting how you encounter and interact with the people and circumstances around you? Get that notebook out (you know that one that's so cute you just had to have it because it was going to change the way you did things... it was going to help you to become more organized, thoughtful, and mindful? We all have that cute notebook... dust it off, it's time to start using it!), and jot down a few things that are trolling around in your brain. Start asking why, what supports that thought, and how can you change it to begin to help you feel empowered, instead of downright defeated. 

I bet you will be surprised at some of your answers. Start asking empowering questions because that's the key to changing and altering your conscious train of thought. Take control, start paying super close attention to where your thoughts take you, and turn them around if it's getting to be a little too dark in there. Begin to empower yourself, love yourself, be kind, and smile. Why not?