Committing To A Higher Standard, and Taking A Breath

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#Twosday Tuesday is here! Your weekly dose of two tips to help you create a healthier lifestyle.

This week we're talking about creating higher standards for yourself, and creating space to think before you react (even if it's only for a mere second)!

Tip #1: Recommit to yourself. 

“If you want to change your life you have to raise your standards.” — Tony Robbins

This is the season of renewal and to be able to recommit to yourself is a sign that you are ready to hold yourself up to a higher standard. You're ready to commit to a better way of life, one that fills you instead of depletes you.

But how do you that?

Simply put, you get uncomfortable. I know you don't want to hear that! Getting yourself to workout, avoiding sugar and overly-processed foods, and relaxing on purpose may be the things that you see as extremely difficult to do and put you in uncertain and uncomfortable situations. I get that. However, that resistance is providing you with a clue that these are the areas that need your attention and discipline. They need to be dealt with in some capacity and you have the power to do it, but you need to not take it all on at once. Don’t overwhelm yourself, but instead commit yourself.

Commit to becoming uncomfortable in one area and devise a plan to help ease the resistance. It may be super uncomfortable (no one totally enjoys busting their bums in a workout, but if you want a strong, healthy body you have to do the hard work), but start small and work your way up from there. You'll be impressed at the results you'll see happening over time.

By holding yourself to higher standards, you commit to no longer allowing the excuses to reign supreme. You’re ready to get uncomfortable in the name of improving your health!

Tip #2: Don't react, instead take a breath and think... even if it's for only a second.

And then carry on. 

Think about it. When you react without being able to control what comes out of your mouth, what does that mean for you? That you can't control yourself? You blame others often? You create even worse situations?

When your kids are at your feet and they're being supremely annoying, what do you do? Normally it might be to scream, shout, yell and frighten. You got that out of your system but 9 times out of 10 that's followed up with some serious mommy guilt. And our kids are sponges, so don't be surprised to see them lashing out at each other, or at poor defenseless little stuffed animals! 

Taking a moment before you react is a practice and you won't get it right every time, but even just noticing that it worked once can engage your brain, making it think that its stumbled upon a solution - which is the only thing the brain is after!

Here's what you do: when you feel the quick rise of annoyance make its way to your brain: mentally (or physically) take a step back. Then close your eyes and take a breath. Calm you mind for a mere moment, and then proceed. Your reaction will have diminished in intensity and perhaps you've just avoided a dreadful 20 minute tirade.

Trust me when I tell you this works... just ask my kids!

• • •

There is your weekly dose of two tips for a healthier (and hopefully more fulfilling) life! If you have a friend who you think would enjoy these little quick tips, please share with them!