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I'm Anne Marie Costanzo, (or simply AM). That's me up there on that paddle board, trying not to look too terrified! While I love being on the water, being in it is a whole other story!

I began my business in 2010 with my little black dress as my inspiration.

Initially, I wanted to teach women how a strong body is not something only for the athletes of the world, but that it's crucial for feeling your best in your clothes, and for aging gracefully. We all have a little black dress somewhere in our closets, and it's important that when it comes to slipping it on, you feel absolutely amazing in it! Feeling strong, and fabulous while wearing it is one of the best payoffs. We want to own that dress! Feeling good in your clothes can create a very powerful mindset. I totally believe that there needs to be more self-loving, rocking hot mamas out there, and this is my way to help teach, and inspire!

Mindset is everything in your life... EVERYTHING!

As a holistic health coach I focus on nutrition, how to cultivate a strong mindset, and how to create a daily practice that will some days lift you up, while other days it simply helps get you back to neutral. (Both serving you greatly when needed!)

My passion is to empower women by helping them to focus on one thing... taking care of themselves! When you feel amazing on the inside, it radiantly shines on the outside. My coaching centers on the body, the mind, and what you fuel them with since the undeniable truth is that what you put in, you get out. This is my gold standard and it pertains to every facet of life!

If you want to raise your standards, and live a healthier and more fulfilling life then it's up to you. It’s about changing your life for the better! What I have learned from my own life experiences is that no matter what happens to you—a traumatic experience, a failed relationship, a shitty job, a lack of confidence or love for yourself—you can get to the other side of it if you have patience, courage, and the grit to say this MUST happen for me!

My hope is to create an amazing tribe of women who are rising up, becoming more fierce, more loving, more powerful, and are doing it with style, grace, and vitality!


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